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A few words about Aegeo Spas

At Aegeo Spas, we believe that physical and mental well-being is the basis for a balanced and happy life. Our infinite love for Greece and our unceasing exploration of wellness led us in 2007 to launch our company and to embark on a journey through which we are constantly learning, innovating, meeting special people, and growing. Our inspiration and vision spring from a desire to offer people from all over the world the opportunity to explore the richness of the Greek land and philosophy through specially designed treatments and products, with all their senses.
Our departments
Knowing best the art of being well.

For us, wellness means a more balanced way of life that is achieved in small, steady steps and an overall approach aimed at physical and mental exaltation. That's why one of the largest and most important departments in our company is the Wellness Department, which we staff with specially trained professionals that include: Spa Managers, Assistant Spa Managers, Spa Therapists, Physiotherapists, Spa Promoters, Fitness Instructors, Aestheticians, Nail Technicians, and Hair Stylists. With the Wellness team, we provide top-quality experiences in relaxation, rejuvenation, and beauty to each one of our clients as we share all those values that make us unique.

Inspiration & innovation, our unique scents in the world!

In this highly competitive market, our only vehicle to help us stand out is inspiration and innovation. Our Cosmetics Department studies the market and the needs of our consumers and then goes on to design and make our products. With the chief inspiration being the Greek land and philosophy, we make the most of organic Greek olive oil and Greek herbal extracts known for their beneficial properties. Our goal is to ensure the scents, texture, and every last detail create memories for every visitor to Greece and give them a reason to return.

Our path to reach everywhere.

In an age where technology is part of every aspect of our life, we could not help but explore and even create the tools that will make us more flexible, more functional, and more extrovert. The IT Department is behind every single one of our official, digital imprints. Specifically, this department helps us to build and maintain everything we need to either incorporate new technologies into corporate or other platforms, or to build new platforms from scratch.

Our voice should be true and meaningful.

For us, marketing is the way we choose to share our truth with our client base. At the Communication Strategy Department, we study and design the communication approach we use for our personnel, our partners, and our clients so that, as a company, we can succeed in making a strong imprint in the beauty and wellness industry.

Quality, our luggage to the top.

The outstanding quality of our services and products is what sets us apart and takes us to the top – step by step. With the Quality Control Department, we make sure to implement strict controls in the production, distribution, and placement of our products, and in the provision of each one of our services in the hotel sector.

Multitaskers and control lovers, our eternal love.

A company cannot get far without the people who are in charge of its smooth operation on a daily basis. With the Operations Department, we oversee the coordination of our spas and support all Sales and Customer Success activities. Specifically, we form teams who are divided into sectors and regions to not only ensure the flawless operation of the spas, but to also develop personal relationships with our partner hoteliers through targeted consulting.

Strength is hidden in numbers.

The key to every big or small success of a company is sound organisation and management. With the Administrative & Financial Management Department, we ensure there is reliable administrative organisation and financial management as a way of contributing to the proper functioning of Aegeo Spas. This department includes Accounting, Logistics (Warehouse), Cost Control/Budgeting/Reporting.

Sharing is caring

We don’t believe in perfection. But we do believe in development and the continuous building of our best self. Our company’s Training Department is staffed by the top fitness and beauty experts in the field, and it designs, organises, and implements cutting-edge training programmes that aim to provide knowledge, broaden the horizons of our employees, and help them grow. At our company, we reward in practice people who are willing to advance, and we offer them an incentive to constantly improve in the area they love.

A leader is one who knows, goes, and shows the way.

Becoming a leader requires ambition, personal effort, patience, doing a lot of things right, but even more things wrong, self-awareness and a sense of responsibility. Our company's Team Leader Office is living proof that the people who come to us to learn and work can, in a very short time, evolve and lead, serving as a role model for those who are just setting out on their professional journey in the wellness field.

The opportunities around us are endless.

The New Opportunity Development Department is responsible for every small or large success Aegeo Spas has achieved over the years. It is responsible for our valuable partnerships, and for our successful transformation from a small, local brand into a brand that keeps growing and gaining ground on the world markets.

We are the value we create.

Numbers are not the only thing we pay attention to. The value we create as a team and as a company is equally important. The Finance Department includes people who, in addition to being highly trained in modern Accounting and Finance, are able to foresee the importance of other fields, such as quantitative, administrative, informational and legal systems. All these aspects help us to make the right decisions, build profitable synergies and increase our strong presence on the market.

We hire characters and train skills.

Our people are the source of our strength. With our Human Resources Department, we identify and promote talented people who will join the Aegeo Spas family and contribute in their own unique way to showcasing our special focus in the wellness industry. To achieve this, we work with all departments to assess needs as they emerge, create channels of communications, propose solutions, and develop methods and programmes that will shape a harmonious working environment and a truly close-knit team.

At many places in Greece, Cyprus and abroad.
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A special journey to a great career in wellness services awaits you!
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Life at Aegeo Spas
Life at Aegeo Spas is full of countless challenges, new experiences, deep knowledge and special people. Become a member of this large family as it offers you the tools to shape your own career in the wellness industry.
Because we care
We want our company to be an integral part of the community and the environment in which it operates. That is why, as part of our strategy, we are developing a plan which will include increasingly more actions aimed at making the world a better place. Such actions are cleaning Greek beaches, supporting actions to clean the country's waters, and partnering with international NGOs, such as WWF, to adopt animals that need protection. In addition, our annual planning will include organised Blood Drive Days so that, with our employees and their families, we can support the blood bank, which is critically important to all of us.


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