New in Wellness

Even if you are at the beginning of your career, we will help you find the position that best suits you at Aegeo Spas!


Knowledge shared is power multiplied.

We want to make wellness accessible to everyone. However, to achieve this goal, we must build a strong team that will make us stand out. Our goal is to have ethical, noble, kind, diligent people in our family who care deeply about wellbeing and about Greece. The basic precondition for working with us is not so much an extensive professional experience as the desire to learn and grow. Each young person invited to work with us is trained by top professionals in their field so as to develop his/her own skills and contribute to our vision of leaving a strong mark in the wellness sector.
Learning makes us grow.
32,760 training hours/year
Each year we provide at least 32,760 hours of theoretical and practical training to each member of the Aegeo Spas family.
Innovative training methods
We combine e-learning with practical training and grant access to the Aegeo Spas Library so that all our employees can develop their skills quickly and effectively.
Frequent webinars
We provide webinars on a regular basis so as to keep our staff up to date on new products, sales techniques, crisis management, and new market trends and needs.
Invest in you!
Our company’s future rests on the young people of today who dream to grow as we do. That is why we actively invest in them, supporting them in every step they take and shaping together a company that feels like a family.
1350 Employees
1350 special people have already joined the ever-growing Aegeo Spas family.
Multilevel capacity building
The training we provide shapes well-rounded professionals who become acquainted with different fields and levels of the industry.
1-5 years quick growth
The average period from hiring to promoting an employee is 1-5 years, depending on the position. Of course, promotions also occur within the season.
Have your traineeship at Aegeo Spas!
Even if you have not yet completed your studies, you can contact us and begin your traineeship in our team in coordination with your college or educational establishment.


Xenia Samseiva, Head Trainer at Aegeo Spas
My love for aesthetics and beauty made me decide to study at the MORFI-KEPANSI Institute of Professional Training. As part of my study program, I began my traineeship at Aegeo Spas in 2014 and, within a year, I became an official member of the company’s large family as Assistant Manager at Agapi... Beach Hotel. I have learnt a lot since then, I have grown, and I feel I am carving out a career in my field of interest that surpasses my initial expectations. After a few seasons and travels and having already experienced unique collaborations with exceptional hotels such as Labranda Miraluna Village, Lindos Princess Beach, Santa Marina Resort, Aquila Atlantis, Lato Boutique & Enorme Lifestyle, in some already holding the position of Spa Manager, the company discerned my passion and asked me to transfer to the Cosmetics Department as Head Trainer of the team of therapist trainers. Now, as Head Trainer, I convey all my knowledge on service planning to the therapist trainers and contribute to their transmitting in turn this knowledge and inspiration to the employees of the hundreds of Aegeo Spas in Greece and Cyprus.
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Maria Avgoustaki, HR Officer
From my first years as a student, I aspired to join a Human Resources team. However, the course I followed at the beginning was very different. As a graduate of the Department of Accounting and Finance of the Athens University of Economics and Business, I was first hired by Aegeo Spas in 2019 to... follow… a path through which I would acquire operational knowledge, allowing me to join the department that would leverage both my technical skills and creative disposition. I was initially placed as an Assistant in the Administrative and Financial Management Department and, later on, as a trainee Operating Officer at the Wellness Department, which gave me the opportunity to perform more creative work and learn how the company operates at its core. In 2020 I was given the opportunity to work as Spa Manager in the company’s unique spa centers in luxury hotels such as Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa, Kernos Beach and Cretan Malia Park Hotel, while my experience provided the grounds for my transfer to the Team Leader Office, which is responsible for distinguishing the needs and flow of the company’s departments. At a moment when the HR department was in transition, I was called as a representative of the Team Leader Office to participate in its reorganization. This offered me the job I have always dreamt of and, as of the summer of 2021, I am a member of this department as an HR officer.
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