Life at Aegeo Spas

Life at Aegeo Spas will offer you valuable professional experience but also lifelong relationships that will make you feel you are part of a true family!

Together we make history!
The history of Aegeo Spas is written by its people. This means that when you enter our big family you have the chance to discover what we have achieved so far and contribute in your own unique way, so that we can continue making history together. A history filled with experience, success, and strength!
Reward makes us
Behind each of our success stories, big or small, are our people. People who are passionate about their work, who evolve with us, who support us so we can grow and contribute to the wellness sector, to society and to our surroundings. That is why we feel the need to actively reward our people.
Competitive earnings
We reward our employees on the basis of their knowledge and skills, but also on the grounds of their passion for growth.
A pleasant working environment
We provide a harmonious working environment in which our employees can feel truly well.
Unique experiences & travels
We organize experiences that bring us closer to each other, and we offer our team the possibility to travel to different Aegeo Spa locations.
We have fun!
Life at Aegeo Spas
Life at Aegeo Spas is full of countless challenges, new experiences, deep knowledge and special people. Become a member of this large family as it offers you the tools to shape your own career in the wellness industry.


Additional privileges

The only thing we don’t give discounts on is our gratitude! We provide our employees a 50% discount code on all our products and services!